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  • Products Key Feature(s) : Organic honey cultivated and extracted using non-violent process. The bees are cultivated in Lichi gardens so the only juice and pollen they consume. It greatly enhances the taste that everyone likes, specially children.Net wt. : 500g
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Rog Rakshak Dhoop, keeps bacteria and virus away with Naturally as Vedic way without any harm ! useful for from home and office . This is a dhoop to be done in the room or premises, not to be consumed directly . For everyday use.Net Wt. : 120 gms
  • Products Key Ingredients : ashtavarg, amla, baheda, harde, pipar, bhrami, bang bhashma, Suvarna bhashma, shalparni, gokhru,panchmul, rushbhak, jivak, ropya bhashm, shilajantu, praxep dravyaNet Wt. : 500 gms
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Rushimuni Medhya Rasayana is Made with ingredient herbs of Brahma Rasayana and invaluable bhashma after much research. It can be consumed daily in all seasons. Ayurvedic Immunity and memory booster of India.Net Wt. : 500 gms
  • Organic Natural Stevia herb leaves (powder)Products Key Feature(s) : This is a natural and organic alternative to sulphur sugar. Comes in easy to consume packing.Net Wt. : 60 gms 
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Completely ayurvedic mantraushadhi (the medicine rasayana is made very potent and powerful by using sound energy and cosmic energy which is created by chanting vedic hymes and suktas when the medicine is being prepared), oral drops, available in user friendly and durable packing. This prashan is made as per Kashyap Samhita on auspicious Pushya Nakshatra in pure and sterilized environment while reciting Vedic hymns and Navkara MantraNet Wt .: 15 ml
  • Tulsi Boond

    Products Key Feature(s) : Anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties, Easy to consume in drop form, can be taken with lukewarm water or regular water. All ingredients are organically cultivated with Panchgavya manure.Its regular intake prevents disease and increases agility. It is an effective medicine in stomach and digestive diseases. Apart from this, regular intake of This Tulsi Drops 51 is highly beneficial in the early symptoms of skin diseases, sugar, blood pressure, asthma, blood fat, liver disease, all types of fever, and even heart related diseases.Net Wt.: 15 ml
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Easy to consume powder form, can be taken with water or juice. Organically cultivated with Panchgavya manureNet Wt. :  50 gms