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  • Products Key Feature(S) : Bal Raksha Gutika Is A Fine Ayurvedic Medicine Made To Protect The Health Of A Child. It Can Even Be Given By Adding It To Mother’s Breast Milk. Very Effective For Stomach Related Problems Of Infants. Its child immunity booster. Net Vol. : 75 Tabs
  • In Ayurveda scriptures, ‘shiro abhyan’ or head message is considered very important. There are two benefits narrated for it – (1) Protection and (2) Nutrition. Strong rays of the sun are harmful for head as well as hair, this hair oil protects from the harmful effects and also nourishes the complete brain and scalp (not just the hair). Ayurveda suggests head message every day. This oil is good for hair as well as scalp and brain. The right combination of Amla, Bhringaraj, Dugdha rose oil and coconut make it ideal for all age groups and especially for children. It is made without chemicals or artificial fragrances/essences to provide pure nutrition.
  • To cleanse the scalp and hair of children, this shampoo is prepared using herbal medicines like reetha, amla, shikakai, arnika and aloe vera, geer cow milk powder, gomay bhasm, and rose oil blend.
  • Products Key Ingredients : Mahasudarshan, Tulsi, Yashthimadhu, Katuki Products Key Feature(S) : Ayurvedic formula Effective On Fever, Cold, And Other Cough Disease S Also In Viral Infections for Children. Net wt. : 100 ml
  • Ayurved texts have prescribed messaging for children. Just like regular oiling is needed for vehicles, regular oil messaging is needed for children else their body becomes rough (skin, muscles and bones). For messaging children, processing various medicines – including balaa and ashvagandha- using ksheerpaak method is prescribed in ayurved.
  • BalRaksha Smruti Nasya is made from anutailam, shatbindu tailam, ksheerbalaa tailam and mahapanchgavya ghrut and thus this nasya is best among other nasya. It cleanses the respiratory system and keeps it clean. This is an all-weather nasya.
  • Bathing is considered an important part of Ayurveda. Before taking a bath, applying mix of various types of powders (churna) has been recommended. This mix consists of turmeric, manjishtha, agnihotra bhasm, etc. These type of aushadhis are to mixed with milk and ghee and Bal Raksha soap is prepared. For the first time, there is a baby soap prepared with a mix of Gir cow ghee and milk.
  • This talcum powder is an ideal mix of various ayurvedic herbs and ingredients like geergai milk powder, shankhjeerak, abhrakbhasm, neembark, rose oil, kapardika bhasm, yasadbhasm, agnihotra bhasm- which are prescribed in Ayurveda to detox skin and keep the outer layer of skin nourished and breathing. Though made with keeping babies in mind, it can be used by elder children and adults too.    
  • BalRakshamrut

    Products Key Feature(s): Bal Rakshamrut is the ayurvedic gripe water mentioned in ayurvedic paediatric literatures written thousands of years back. Bal Rakshamrut is a combination of 10 ayurvedic medicines like Dill Oil, Anisi Oil, Sajikhar, Cuminum Oil,etc. Net Vol. : 125 ml