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  • Organic Ghee:500mlPure Deshi Cow Ghee Made Using ‘Bilona’ Churning Method
  • Gir Cow Ghee

    Features : Pure Cow Ghee (A2 Type) From Indigenous Gir Breed, Prepared With Hand Churned Method (Called Bilona)!It Contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) Which Proves To Be Helpful For Weight Loss, Especially Belly Fat. This Quality Ghee Is Valuable For Reducing The Increasing Progress Of Cancer In The Body And Avoids Heart Diseases. This Ghee Is Full Of Natural Properties Which Is Best Tor Digestion. Worth To Buy Online !It Is Beneficial To Consume…
    • Helps In Treating Broken Bones,
    • Cure Insomnia,
    • Reduce Obesity,
    • Helpful In Decreasing Bad Cholesterol,
    • Its Natural Anti Aging
    • It Is Having Enough Value Of Vitamin A2, E And D With Omega3 Properties Improves Vision Of Eyes, Shiny Skin
    • This Gir Cow's Ghee Enhances Immunity Naturally
  • Gulkand

    Products Key Feature(s) : This gulkand is completely organic, no preservatives or colour has been added to it. Addition of ayurvedic herbs improves its medicinal properties.
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Pure and Organic Natural honey cultivated and extracted using non-violent process. No added sugar, colour or preservatives.Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Ayurveda calls honey a goldmine of benefits. It keeps the tridoshas ( kapha, vaata, pitta) in balance. Very good for heart’s health and overall strength boosting natural tonic.Net wt. : 500 g.
  • Immune Prashan is Natural Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for All Seasons.Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Pratikar Prashan is a not a ready made ayurvedic medicinal mix. Using the knowledge of Dravyagun Vigyanam and Rasayan Shastra, this mix has been specially created to prevent from the current prevailing infectious and viral diseases which are primarilty attacking the immunity system.Net wt. : 500 g
  • Products Key Feature(s) : This memory tea or ‘Arjunadi Kadha’ is made with the right mix of Indian arjun (Terminalia arjuna), cardmom, cinnamon, clove, ginger root,etc. Memory tea can be had with milk or without milk, with organic sugar or without any sugar at allIt comes in a user friendly packing. 
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Koshtha-shuddhi churna is the ayurvedic detox (stomach cleansing medicine) for complete digestive tract as well its nature. Easy to consume on a daily basis. Comes in user friendly packing.
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Natural Ayurvedic Herb - Moringa (Drum Stick) Powder, Organically cultivated, no artificial colour or no preservative added
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Organic honey cultivated and extracted using non-violent process. The bees are cultivated in Lichi gardens so the only juice and pollen they consume. It greatly enhances the taste that everyone likes, specially children.Net wt. : 500g