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  • Products Key Feature(s) : Natural Ayurvedic Herb - Moringa (Drum Stick) Powder, Organically cultivated, no artificial colour or no preservative added.

    It is energy booster, immunity supporter ayurvedic Moringa Powder

    Net wt. : 50 gms
  • Products Key Feature(S) : Bal Raksha Gutika Is A Fine Ayurvedic Medicine Made To Protect The Health Of A Child. It Can Even Be Given By Adding It To Mother’s Breast Milk. Very Effective For Stomach Related Problems Of Infants. Its child immunity booster.Net Vol. : 75 Tabs
  • Organic Natural Stevia herb leaves (powder)Products Key Feature(s) : This is a natural and organic alternative to sulphur sugar. Comes in easy to consume packing.Net Wt. : 60 gms 
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Bal Raksha cough syrup is a fine composition of 10 ayurvedic herbs and herbal extracts like honey and holy basil (tulsi) extracts which are particularly used to treat cough and cold in winter. It uses honey base and not harmful sugar syrup base.Net Vol. : 100 ml
  • Products Key Feature(s): Bal Rakshamrut is the ayurvedic gripe water mentioned in ayurvedic paediatric literatures written thousands of years back. Bal Rakshamrut is a combination of 10 ayurvedic medicines like Dill Oil, Anisi Oil, Sajikhar, Cuminum Oil,etc.Net Vol. : 125 ml
  • Products Key Ingredients : Mahasudarshan, Tulsi, Yashthimadhu, KatukiProducts Key Feature(S) : Ayurvedic formula Effective On Fever, Cold, And Other Cough Disease S Also In Viral Infections for Children.Net wt. : 100 ml
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Rog Rakshak Dhoop, keeps bacteria and virus away with Naturally as Vedic way without any harm ! useful for from home and office . This is a dhoop to be done in the room or premises, not to be consumed directly . For everyday use.Net Wt. : 120 gms
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Made with completely natural and organic ingredients. No artificial flavour or colour. Available in 4 flavours of Gulkand, Coconut, Saunf, Saunth (ginger)Net Wt. : 250 gms
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Easy to consume powder form, can be taken with water or juice. Organically cultivated with Panchgavya manureNet Wt. :  50 gms