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  • Organic Natural Stevia herb leaves (powder)Products Key Feature(s) : This is a natural and organic alternative to sulphur sugar. Comes in easy to consume packing.Net Wt. : 60 gms 
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Rog Rakshak Dhoop, keeps bacteria and virus away with Naturally as Vedic way without any harm ! useful for from home and office . This is a dhoop to be done in the room or premises, not to be consumed directly . For everyday use.Net Wt. : 120 gms
  • Gir Cow Ghee

    Features : Pure Cow Ghee (A2 Type) From Indigenous Gir Breed, Prepared With Hand Churned Method (Called Bilona)!It Contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) Which Proves To Be Helpful For Weight Loss, Especially Belly Fat. This Quality Ghee Is Valuable For Reducing The Increasing Progress Of Cancer In The Body And Avoids Heart Diseases. This Ghee Is Full Of Natural Properties Which Is Best Tor Digestion. Worth To Buy Online !It Is Beneficial To Consume…
    • Helps In Treating Broken Bones,
    • Cure Insomnia,
    • Reduce Obesity,
    • Helpful In Decreasing Bad Cholesterol,
    • Its Natural Anti Aging
    • It Is Having Enough Value Of Vitamin A2, E And D With Omega3 Properties Improves Vision Of Eyes, Shiny Skin
    • This Gir Cow's Ghee Enhances Immunity Naturally
  • Organic Ghee:500mlPure Deshi Cow Ghee Made Using ‘Bilona’ Churning Method
  •  Garbh Poshak Prashan: Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for Pregnant Ladies. Only pure Gir cow ghee is used in preparing this rasayana, instead of using any fat based ghee.Net Wt. : 500 gms
  • Products Key Ingredients : Mahasudarshan, Tulsi, Yashthimadhu, KatukiProducts Key Feature(S) : Ayurvedic formula Effective On Fever, Cold, And Other Cough Disease S Also In Viral Infections for Children.Net wt. : 100 ml
  • Immune Prashan is Natural Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for All Seasons.Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Pratikar Prashan is a not a ready made ayurvedic medicinal mix. Using the knowledge of Dravyagun Vigyanam and Rasayan Shastra, this mix has been specially created to prevent from the current prevailing infectious and viral diseases which are primarilty attacking the immunity system.Net wt. : 500 g
  • Tulsi Boond

    Products Key Feature(s) : Anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties, Easy to consume in drop form, can be taken with lukewarm water or regular water. All ingredients are organically cultivated with Panchgavya manure.Its regular intake prevents disease and increases agility. It is an effective medicine in stomach and digestive diseases. Apart from this, regular intake of This Tulsi Drops 51 is highly beneficial in the early symptoms of skin diseases, sugar, blood pressure, asthma, blood fat, liver disease, all types of fever, and even heart related diseases.Net Wt.: 15 ml
  • Products Key Feature(s) : Made with completely natural and organic ingredients. No artificial flavour or colour. Available in 4 flavours of Gulkand, Coconut, Saunf, Saunth (ginger)Net Wt. : 250 gms