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  • Mantraushadhi Suvarnaprashan is not just a product but is a movement. This movement was started by pujya guruvarya Pandit Vishvanath Datar Shastriji ji. This movement has now spread to 10 states in India is active in about 500 centres across the country. Many volunteers provide services there and have been tirelessly working in bringing this Suvarnaprashan to as many children as possible. Regular use of Mantraushadhi Suvarnaprashan has improved the overall health of numerous children. It has cured thousands of children from epilepsy, fits like incurable conditions. All the details of this movement and this nector like medicine is detailed in this book.
  • Songs have a very important plac in our culture. Whatever is sung is remembered for long. Even the toughest of concepts can be very easily remembered in form of songs. Gurukul method has three styles of teaching children which are stories, games and songs. In this book, every song is suitable for people of all age groups. While singing, one enjoys it thoroughly and also gains knowledge, this book has been created keeping this in mind. Gurukul Geet Gunjan has many such songs or gaan which sows the trees of sanskars.
  • Parijaat has been mentioned in various puranas and ayurvedic texts. Parijaat is said to have come from heavens, it means it has tremendous rasayan qualities. Leaves, flowers, bark of Parijaat are all used for various medicines. Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam has made a fine combination of parijaat leaves, flowers and bark and has used in its clinics for long. It has been found beneficial in various vaata and kapha diseases.
  • Chyavanprash has been mentioned in various granthas of Ayurveda. It is the oldest and most popular tonic of Ayurveda. Consumptions of chyavanprash helps maintain good health throughout the year. But regular chyavanprashas are reluctantly used by diabetics due to present of organic shugar, also, Jain community also hesitates to consume because of presence of honey. As an alternative to organic sugar and honey, Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam has made dryfruit chyavanprash using stevia (the natural sweetner) and dryfruits have been added for additional nutrition. Diabetics and Jains can safely consume it as it doesn’t contain honey or organic sugar. It also makes the chyavanprash delicious and energy boosting as well.
  • Fresh wheat flour is mixed with cow ghee, til oil, dried coriander leaves (kothmir) to make kothmir khakhra which is great to taste and snack.
  • Barley or Jau is very useful for various diseases says Ayurveda. It is full of folic acid which is particularly needed during pregnancy. Barley has been praised in ayurevda and its medicinal qualities and use has been described in detail. It helps remove a lot of toxins from the body
  • Spirulina

    Spirulina is a kind of seeval which is full of many nutritional elements. One medicine has proved to be very beneficial for various diseases. Its pH is equal to the pH of our skin, that is why it enhances the beauty of skin and is also good in various skin diseases. Its use benefits the body in many ways. A study done on diabetic patients has revealed that its daily consumption is a safe food for them.
  • The qualities of jeevanti plant has been described in Ayurveda texts. Jeevanti is put to dry in shade and the ark is extracted with ayurvedic method. Jeevanti is said to have qualities of rasayana and is used in treating various diseases.
  • Agnihotra is an inherent part of Indian culture. Agnihotra means offering ahuti or homa to devatas with various medicinal grains and herbs. Ahuti is offered with mantra chanting. Small quantity of ahuti is taken in the pinch (between the thumb and the middle & ring finger) and offered to the fire with mantra chanting at the time of sunrise and sunset, this relieves from trividhataapa. Various fragrant and medicinal property carrying herbs are added in this dhoopa. Various inventions and researches have been done on agnihotra in other countries.