Yastimadhu Nasya

Yastimadhu Nasya


Weight : 15 ml.

Products Key Ingredients : Yashtimadhu, Amalaki Rasayanam, Godugdh

Products Key Feature(s) : Ayurvedic nasal drops for headaches and hair problems.


Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Yashtimadhu and amalaka rasayanam (which is made by giving 21 bhavna of amla swaras to amla churna) are combined together. They are then added to cow milk and made with ksheerpaak vidhi.

Relevant Mantra :
यष्टिमधुक्षीराभ्यां नवधात्रीफलै: शृतम्।
तैलं नस्यकृतं कुर्यात् केशान् श्मशूणि सर्वश:।।

Ayurved Vidhan : Shaarangadhar Samhita

Why to Consume : This nasya is particularly useful for headaches and also for hair related problems. Regular use of this nasya leaves hair dark, thick and soft.

Who Can Consume : Anyone


सेवन विधि : सुबह, और रात को दो-दो बूंद नस्य करे

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Weight0.032 kg
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