Wheat Grass Powder

Wheat Grass Powder


Net Wt. :  50 gms

रक्तवर्धक अशक्ति और मधुप्रमेह के लिए सर्वोत्तम

गौ मुत्र और गोमय खाध से उगाकर बनाया गया

Products Key Feature(s) : Easy to consume powder form, can be taken with water or juice. Organically cultivated with Panchgavya manure


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Products Key Ingredients : Wheatgrass

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Wheatgrass carries all the tatvas present in wheat (minus the carbohydrates and gluten) and is a natural provider of health. American scientist Dr Vigmore is the founding father of wheatgrass treatment who vouches for its immunity boosting power. He has authored two books explaining about wheatgrass viz. ‘Be your own doctor’ and ‘Why suffer’. American grass expert Arp Thomas has also described wheatgrass as the best after studying 4700 varies of grass which are beneficial for human consumption.

Ayurved Vidhan: Bhavprakash Nighantu

Why To consume : It is very benecial as a food supplement. Regular consumption improves strength and immunity, helps improve haemoglobin and good supplement for diabetic people

Who Can Consume : Anyone


सेवन विधि : सुबह-शाम  एक-एक चम्मच पानी के साथ सेवन करना है।

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Weight.065 kg


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