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Vaat Rog Har Malish Oil


Various vaat rog removing medicines like kalaunji, raasna, nirgundi, guggulu, ajwain have been prescribed in Ayurved. Such medicines are combined together to prepare vaatroghar message oil. Ayurveda prescribes various medicines for 80 types of vaat related diseases. Years of medical work experience have lead Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam to prepare this combination of medicines which has been made potent using best methods. Proportion of various oils and herbs has been decided after years of research. This oil has been prepared using the ‘Paataal Yantra’ and its method has been taken from the ancient Ayurveda texts.



Product Key ingredients : Lahsoon, Dhatoor Beej, Nirgundi, Raasna, Methi, Guggalu, Laksha, Fudina Satva, Ajawaain Satva, Kapoor, Gandhpura Tailam

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 year can consume

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