Ayurveda has prescribed various medicines for diseases and problems related to urinary system. It is very important to regulate and improve functioning of kidneys for regulating urine tendency. If there is any flaw in this system, it causes many ailments like stone, inflammation in urine, stone, frequent urination, yellow urine, less or infrequent flow of urine,etc. Urogreen capsule is a fine combination of trivikram ras, tankankshaar, phitkari, shilajit, hajratyahul bhasm and many such medicines, which have been prescribed to hundreds of affected patients. Many vaidyas have shared their positive experience with successful results of this medicine. It has been proved useful for most problems of the urinary system.



Products Key Ingredients : Chandraprabha Vati, Trivikram Ras, Hajrool Yahood Bhasma, Gokshur Ghan, Shuddha Shilajit

Products Key Feature(s) : UTI problems

AyurvedVidhan :  Aryabhishak, Rastantra Sar, Ashtang Hraday (Marshi Vagbhatt)

Who Can Consume : Anyone who has any of these ailments

Who Can Not Consume : Pregnancy

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