Swadeshi Ke Zariye Swaraj (Hindi) – by Veljibhai Desai

Swadeshi Ke Zariye Swaraj (Hindi) – by Veljibhai Desai


What is needed to establish the ideal ‘swaraj’ by way of swadeshi (made in india)? This entire schema is detailed in this book.

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Inspired by Pujya Guruvarya Vishvanath Shastri ji Datar Ji
Various books written by Vaidy Mehulbhai Acharya ji and Jigyasa Acharya ji
His holiness Vishvanath ji has given discourses and teachings on many subjects after his deep studies. To give those directing thoughts and discourses a physical forms, some books have been compiled by his shishyas or disciples. Some of his written work has been edited by his disciples to put together in the form of a book.

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