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Sugar Killer Powder


Ayurveda texts have mentioned 20 types of diabetes.Charak sutra says “प्रमेहोनुसंगीणाम्‍” which means disbetes is ancilliary. It is primarily caused due to indigestion. That is why, when indigestion of sugar is cured, diabetes gets cured as well. Ayurveda describes diabetes in detail, its cause, treatment and effect of various medicines on it,etc. After researching on various medicines, some have been found very effective specially for blood sugar and urin sugar. In such medicines, vijaysaar, methi, saptparni, jaamunbeej (blackberry seeds), gudmaar, nimb, banga bhasm are the main ones. These medicins are combined together using a special method and this sugar cure powder is made. Made with the unique method prescribed by pujya guruji Vishvanath ji, use of this powder along with barly gomotrakshaar tablet has given results to thousands of suar patients and they have cured their diabetes. Use of Sugar Cure Drops and Sugar Cure Capsule alongwith this churna is specially beneficial.



Product Key ingredients : Mamejava Churna, Haldi, Jamunbeej Churna, Methi Churna, Kutaj Churna, Bilva Patra Churna, Vijaysar Churna

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 years can consume this churna

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 11 × 17 cm