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Products Key Feature(s) : Rog Rakshak Dhoop, keeps bacteria and virus away with Naturally as Vedic way without any harm ! useful for from home and office . This is a dhoop to be done in the room or premises, not to be consumed directly . For everyday use.

Net Wt. : 120 gms

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Products Key Ingredients : Goghrut, Rakta Chandan, Guggul, Dashant, Nagarmotha

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Kaashyap Samhita talks in detail about dhoop chikitsa or dhoop therapy. Dhoop therapy is capable of treating all rogas. This is a detailed part of Ayurvedic science which is the originator of modern day aroma therapy.

Relevant Mantra : घृतं गुग्गुलु बिलवं च देवदारु नमेरु च। एष माहेश्वरो धूपो यवयुक्तो ग्रहापहः।।

AyurvedVidhan: Kashyap Samita, dhoop kalpadhya, kalp sthan

Why To consume : It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral qualities and it purifies the environment.

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