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Prakrutik Rog Rakshak Agarbatti


Ayurveda has mentioned various dhoopa to be used in everyday life. Some of these dhoopa specifically are good to protect aginst viral infections and ailments caused due to modern life and life style. Rog rakshak agarbatti has a combination of guggul, neemtail, dashang, karanjtail, desi cow ghee and other ayurvedic medicines. Lighting this agarbatti releases pure fumes which is anti-bacterial and frees the surroundings of germs. It is also useful to remove flies and mosquitoes which are carriers of many diseases. The pure and natural smoke creates positive energy in all places, be it an office, home or temple.



Product key ingredients : guggul, neemtail, dashang, karanjtail, desi cow ghee

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Dimensions 6.8 × 2.4 × 25.8 cm