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Pachak Paan Mouthfreshner


Weight : 100 Gm.

Products Key Ingredients : Rajat Bhasm, Thuja, Panchgavya Ghrit

Products Key Feature(s) : Ayurveda’s Bhavprakash granth tells the importance of nagarvel in various digestive and mouth-freshening condiments after meals. Other digestive medicines are also described.


Relevant Sastrokt Reference :
ताम्बूलमुक्तं तीक्ष्णोक्ष्णं रोचनं तुवरं सरम् तिक्तं क्षारोषणं कामरक्तपित्त करं लघु:॥

Ayurved Vidhan : BhavPrakash

Why To consume : For digesting food, to strengthen the digestive juices and gases and for mouth freshening.

Who Can Consume : Anyone

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 3 cm


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