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Ojas Herbal Shampoo


Cleansing of hair is very important. Ayurveda scriptures have detailed many medicinal herbs for cleaning hair. A lot of chemicals are used in prevelant shampoos. But Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam’s Ojas Herbal Shampoo is made with aritha, amla, shikakai, arnica, aloevera, Gir cow milk powder, gomay bhasm, rose oil and other such natural ingredients. It is not harmful, specially for children. We have done a lot of research to look for various medicinal herbs which work on hair roots, don’t damage them, make hair clean and pleasant and protect from dandruff, this research has created Ojas jerbal shampoo. Ayurveda knowledge, panchagavya knowledge and homeopathy knowledge has been combined together to make this shampoo.



Product key ingredients : Aloevera Ark, Aavlaa Ark, Shikakai Ark, Aritha Ark, Arnika Ark, Gulab Tel, Agnihotra Bhasma

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 year

Additional information

Weight 0.112 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 14.4 cm