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Nabhi Tailam


Naabhi or naval is the primary point of our body. It is important for naabhi to be placed at its right position. A lot of diseases and ailments are caused due to displaced naabhi. Messaging the naval with various medicinal oils keeps it placed and the samaana vaayu present in naabhi area remains balanced. It keeps the digestive process regulated.Naabhi is the place for Manipur chakra. Messaging with naabhi tailam keeps the Manipur chakra balanced and thus keeps the whole body healthy. Naabhi is the position of samaana vaayu, all of body’s nerves join there, thus oil messaged at that point spreads in every nerve of the body and makes the body healthy by strengthening the nerves.



Product Key ingredients : Moringa Tailam, Hing Ark, Ajawain Tailam, Kalonji Tailam, Nirgundi Tailam

Who can consume: Anyone can use naabhi tailam. Even newborn babies after 1 day of birth can be apply this oil.

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