Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder


Net Volume : 50 Gms.


गौ मुत्र और गोमय खाद से उगाकर बनाया गया 

Moringa has been explained in detail in Ayurveda. Moringa makes the body healthy by reducing fat and also improves immunity. Moringa or ‘sahijan’ has many nutritious elements. Moringa leaves can treat over 200 diseases. It has 70 types of multivitamin, 45 types of antioxidants, 35 types of pain-relief qualities and 17 types of amino acids.

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Products Key Ingredients : Dehydrated Moringa Tablet

Products Key Feature(s) : Natural Ayurvedic Herb – Moringa (Drum Stick) Powder, Organically cultivated, no artificial colour or no preservative added.

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance :It is energy booster, immunity supporter ayurvedic Moringa Powder

Relevant Reference :
शिग्रश्च कटुतिक्तोष्णः तीक्ष्णो वातकफपहःमुखजाऽयहरो रूच्यो दीपनो व्रणदोषनुत ।
जन्तुवातार्तिशूलघ्न चक्षुषो रोचनः परःरक्त शिग्रुः महावीर्यो मधुरश्च रसायनः।।

Indian Ayurved Vidhan : Raj Nighantu

Why To consume : It increases energy, improves weight loss, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, supports immune system. Reduces inflammation in joints and muscles. Promotes healthy looking skin. Improves concentration.

Who Can Consume : Anyone


सेवन विधि : सुबह-शाम  एक-एक चम्मच पानी के साथ सेवन करना है।

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