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There are 20 types of kapha related ailments mentioned in Ayurveda scriptures. Heightened kapha is natural in winter season. Excess kapha causes lot of cough related diseases. A lot of ‘kapha-nashak’ aushadhis are mentioned in Ayurveda. To address cough, cold, fever, viral infections with one aushadhi compound, this ‘Mega Cold Capsule’ has been brought to public front by Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam by researching and refining the old scriptures’ knowledge.

This capsule is like a blessing to people affected with and suffering from cough.



Products Key Ingredients : Tribhuvankirti Ras, Laxmivilas Ras, Kalpataru Ras, Maha Sudarshan Ghan, Shuddha Saurashtri

Products Key Feature(s) : Cough cold, Flu, Fever, Viral infection

AyurvedVidhan : Aryabhishak, Rastantra Sar, Ayurved Sar Sangrah

Who Can Consume : Anyone above 6 Months of age can use it.

Who Can Not Consume : pregnancy

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Dimensions 4.8 × 6.2 cm