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Mantraushadhi Garbh Suvarnprashan


During pregnancy, gold is specially needed for pregnant lady’s health and for foetus’s brain development. Ayurveda extensively describes the importance of gold. Gold provides strength to the pregnant lady and prevents abortion and effluxion (garbhstrav) during pregnancy. During pregnancy, not enough gold can be provided to the body through regular diet that leads to weakness in the child. Pregnant lady needs special tonics for strength. Use of vacha with gold has been found useful, specially to develop mind and intelligence. Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam has prepared this Garbha suvarnaprashanam after 50 years of research. Pujya guruvarya Shree Vishvanath Datar Shastri ji, who is the founder of Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam, has gifted good health, intelligence and nobility to children of thousands of mothers.



Product key ingredients : Shankhpushpi Ext. Pippli Jatamansi Ext. Vaj Ext. Brahmi Ext. Panch Gavya Ghrit Honey

Who can consume : To be taken by pregnant ladies only, from first month of pregnancy till delivery

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