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Mantraushadhi Ashwagandha Pak


Ayurveda texts mentioned a number of ‘paak’ for preserving energy and strength. Eating various specially made paak helps conserve energy in the body and provides better immunity. One such paak which has been used for years is ‘ashvagandha paak’. Neemach (Madhya Pradesh) produces best ashvagandha, which is used in ‘angushtha praman’ and powdered using shastriya method, this ashvagandha churna and saunth churna, shatavari like churna are cooked in buffalo milk and then added with jaiphal, javitri, naagkesar, kesar like medicines to prepare this paak. This paak is best and very very nutricious.



Product key ingredients : Ashvagandha, Trikatu, Chaturjat, Aamalaki, Madhu, Gaughrut, Khadi shakkar

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 year can consume.

Additional information

Weight 0.540 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 13 cm