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Maha Panchgavya Ghrit (Nasya)


Ayurveda scriptures have talked about nasya karma. It is prescribed as beneficial immediately after birth. “जन्म प्रभृति शस्यते” (Sharangdhar Samhita.)

Ayurveda is the only method of medicine where nasalmethod is used for treatments. ‘Nasika shiraso dvaram’ means nose (nostrils) are the door to the head. All brain related diseases and ailments can be treated with this maha Panchgavya ghritam. Charak Samhita details the method of preparing this nasya. Panchgavya is considered holy and pious as per dharmic scriptures. Maha Panchgavya nasya, alongwith Panchgavya ghrit, includes dashamoola, triphala, trikatu, turmeric, anantmool, pushkarmool and other such medicines, the medicines which provide immediate effects. This is an enchanted medicine, which has been prepared chanting nasya Vaidik mantra and gausooktam, using a special method. The best portion of ghee is the one which floats on the top (called mand). Because of its very beneficial and always-liquidated form, this nasya never freezes or crystalises, that is why it can be easily taken out from the bottle.



Product key ingrediants : Panchgavya, Dashmool, Triphala, Trikatu, Haridraa Dvay, Sarivaa Dvay

Who Can Consume : Anyone above one year of age can use it

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