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Jal Shuddhi Bund


Ayurved’s ancial texts have described various methods and medicines to keep purify and clean water. Most of the water purifying medicines are available in riverbeds and main ones of them are nirmalibeej, naagarmoth, ketaki. Such medicines are mixed with gangajal and gomay bhasm and these drops are prepared using a special method as prescribed by Ayurveda. Use of fitkari (alum) makes it specially effective. Moti choona is used to purify water and improve the PH level in water.



Product Key ingredients : Nirmali Seed, Fitakari, Agnihotra Bhasma, Ganga Jal, Moti Ka Chuna.

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 years can consume this.

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Dimensions 3.4 × 3.4 × 9 cm