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Jadi-Buti Chai


Net Wt.: 250 gms

Inhance Memory and boost Immunity power

It is a great substitute of regular tea or coffee.

Products Key Feature(s) : This Jadibutti tea is made with the right mix of Indian Arjun (Terminalia Arjuna), cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger root, etc…

Jadibutti tea can be made with milk or without milk, with organic sugar or without any sugar at all. It comes in a user friendly packing.



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Products Key Ingredients : Organic Arjun Churna, Elaichy, Dalchini, Keshar, Jaiphal, Javantri, Sunthi, Pipar, Black Paper, Long, Nag Keshar.

 Importance : There are a lot of herbs and herbal medicines that Ayurveda suggests as part of daily routine to stay healthy and build immunity. They can be taken as a supplement along with rest of the eating habits.

Relevant Mantra :
घृतेन दुग्धेन गुडाम्भसा वा पिबन्ति चूर्णं ककुभत्वचो ये।
हृद्रोडजीर्णज्वररक्तपित्तं हत्वा भवेयुश्चिरजीविनस्ते।।

Ayurved Vidhan : Swanubhoot (patent medicine)

Why To consume : Gives instant energy! Because of the properties of all the herbs used in this powder, it is very beneficial for heart diseases…

Who Can Consume : Any one

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