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Immunity Kadha


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Ancient ayurvedic texts describe many benefits of immunity medicines. One such medicine type is called ‘kwath’. Kwath means tamped powder (koota hua choora) – various fresh herbs are collected and then they are tamped together so that their ‘rasa’ can be separated well. Later it is boiled so that all the qualities dissolve well in water – this water is called ‘ukala’. Dashamoola, guduchyadi, pathyadi, Sudarshan,etc. are mixed to prepare this kaadha. It has given various benefits to those who consumed.

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Net Volume : 100 Gms.

Product key ingredients : Guduchhyadi Kwath, Dasmul Kwath, Pathhyadi Kwath, Trikatu, Tulsi

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 year can take the kaadha

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