Various koshas regularly corrode in body with growing age and specially in old age. These koshas don’t rebuild naturally and their wearing out causes lot of diseases. Ayurveda prescribes many rasayanas to protect the corroding koshas. Rasayana preparation includes herbs and medicines like amla, ashvagandha, shatavari, sarpgandha, vacha which provide physical energy and protect the immunity system.



Detail Description Of Product : – Various aushadhi’s like Ashwagandha, brahmi and shankhapushpi have been mixed together to make IM + drops which are specially beneficial for protecting the koshas of elderly people.

Products Key Ingredients : Ashwagandha, Brahmi Shankhapushpi

Products Key Feature(s) : Especially useful for immunity for all people.

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Ayurveda has suggested various immunity boosting and energy boosting rasayans for aged and elderly people. In older age, the koshas are of the body start deleting, these aushadhi’s refurbishes the depleting koshas and preserves energy. Ashwagandha, Brahmi and shankhapushpi are key among these aushadhis. Charak Samhita describes aushadhis ideal for daily consumption.

Relevant Mantra :

दीर्घमायु: स्मृतिम् मेधामारोग्यं तरुणं वयः।

प्रभावर्णस्वरोदर्यं देहेन्द्रियबलं परम्।।

वाकसिद्धिं प्रणतिं कान्तिं लभते न रसायनात्।

Why To consume : It boosts immunity, improves memory and also improves energy levels in the body. It strengthens the entire breathing system.

Who Can Consume : Any one

Who Can Not Consume : Infant below 3 months of age.

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