A complete Ayurvedic remedy for all kinds of cough. Provides instant and lasting relief to all age groups. A pure ayurvedic medicine which brings back the capability of lungs to function normally and doesn’t leave any side-effects on the patient. It is a boon for asthematic patients from Ayurveda and naturopathy. Various medicines have been prescribed by Ayurveda for breathing problems. Agnikumarras, abhrak bhasma, Dhatura seeds and other such medicines are very useful for breathing and cough related diseases. Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam has made Iffni Capsules combining such medicines which are considered useful for cough and breathing ailments.



Products Key Ingredients : Swas Kuthar Ras, Agni Kumar Ras, Samir Pannag Ras, Abhrak Bhasma, Vacha, Kantakari Kshar, Hingu Niryas

Products Key Feature(s) : Asthametic problems, Whoopin cough, Old cough

AyurvedVidhan : Aryabhishak, Rastantra Sar

Who Can Consume : Anyone above one year of age can use it.

Who Can Not Consume : pregnancy

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