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Garbhaposhak Churna


Products Key Feature(s) : A great tonic for pregnant ladies to improve calcium and haemoglobin. Easy to consume with hot water and comes in a user friendly packing.


Products Key Ingredients : shatavari, shat pushpa, godanti, jivanti, shankh pushpi, vidarikand, kashish bhashma, ropya bhashma, yashtimadhu, ashva gandha

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : The foetus develops gradually during pregnancy. To help with this process of development to progress smoothly, Ayurveda provides various medicines which strengthen and enrich the womb.

Ayurved Vidhan : Swanubhoot (patent medicine)

Why To consume : This medicinal churna or powder is made with various pregnancy nutrition ayurvedic medicines. The womb gets rich nutrition. It is a very good source of calcium and iron to the mother as well as and specially to the child during pregnancy.

Who Can Consume : To be taken by pregnant ladies only.

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Weight.120 kg


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