Ayurveda scriptures suggest that most of the skin diseases are caused by blood impurities. Kapha, pitta and vaayu doshas get imbalanced and distorted, thus causing impurities in blood by amalgamating in blood. This causes various skin diseases. That is why blood needs to be purified for treating skin diseases. Ayurveda suggests a lot of medicines for purifying blood. Consumption of such aushadhis cleans and purifies blood and benefits in skin diseases.

Dermogreen capsules are a combination of arogyavardhini, mahamanjisthadi kwath, bang bhasm, gandhak rasayan, chopchini, vidarikand, sukhvirechan choorna



Products Key Ingredients : Arogya vardhini, Gandhak Rasayan, Bang Bhasma, Maha Manjishthadi Ghan

Products Key Feature(s) : Any of skin disease, Blood purifier

AyurvedVidhan : Aryabhishak, Rastantra Sar, Ayurved Sar Sangrah

Why To consume : For allergic of skin, Any type of skin disease, Blood purifier

Who Can Consume : Anyone above the age of 6 months can take these.

Who Can Not Consume : Pragnancy

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