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Charmrog Har Syrup


Skin is also very important like rest of the organs of the body. Ayurveda classifies it as a ‘gyaynendriya’ sensory organ and the place for experience touch. Skin protects various body parts we have. ‘शरीरे षट्‍ त्वच:’ from this shloka, maharishi charak has described the skin to have 6 types or layers, which are placed one after the other. Skin is nourished by lymph and blood, that is why if the blood gets impure then it has bad effect on skin and it can cause various skin diseases. That is why it is very important to purify blood to cure skin diseases. Pujya Guruji researched for years and then came up with the method of this ‘charm rog har syrup’. It has proved to be very beneficial for patients who used to visit Guruji in his clinic in Varanasi.



Product Key ingredients : Anantmool, Manjishtha, Harde, Galo, Neem Twak, Senna, Chopchini, Chirayata

Who can consume : Anyone above one year of age can consume it

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Dimensions 5.8 × 15.4 cm