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Calcium F


Ayurvedic texts advice use of pearl powder (moti ka choora) as the best source of calcium during pregnancy. Small portions of powder of pearl are optimally mixed with various medicinal like godanti bhasm, pravaal bhasm, kapardika bhasm, aamlaki rasayan, sangajrahat bhasm, to prepare these capsules. Its intake cures calcium deficiency and strengthens the bones. Men and women both need calcium and its definciency in the body is on a rise these days. This gives way to problems like obesity, fragile bones, aches & pains. Our organisation has researched for years and worked on natural and ayurvedic herbs and medicines for calcium and made these capsules using pristine methods.



 Product key ingredients : Kapardika Bhasma, Pravaal Bhasm, Godanti Bhasma, Sangjarahat Bhasma, Moti ka Churna,


Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 year can consume

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