Gir Cow Ghee

Gir Cow Ghee


Features : Pure Cow Ghee (A2 Type) From Indigenous Gir Breed, Prepared With Hand Churned Method (Called Bilona)!

It Contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) Which Proves To Be Helpful For Weight Loss, Especially Belly Fat. This Quality Ghee Is Valuable For Reducing The Increasing Progress Of Cancer In The Body And Avoids Heart Diseases. This Ghee Is Full Of Natural Properties Which Is Best Tor Digestion. Worth To Buy Online !

It Is Beneficial To Consume…

  • Helps In Treating Broken Bones,
  • Cure Insomnia,
  • Reduce Obesity,
  • Helpful In Decreasing Bad Cholesterol,
  • Its Natural Anti Aging
  • It Is Having Enough Value Of Vitamin A2, E And D With Omega3 Properties Improves Vision Of Eyes, Shiny Skin
  • This Gir Cow’s Ghee Enhances Immunity Naturally


Vedic Importance of Such Ghee are…

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