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Moringa Powder


Products Key Feature(s) : Natural Ayurvedic Herb – Moringa (Drum Stick) Powder, Organically cultivated, no artificial colour or no preservative added.

It is energy booster, immunity supporter ayurvedic Moringa Powder

Net wt. : 50 gms


Products Key Ingredients : Dehydrated Moringa Leaves Powder

Relevant Reference :
शिग्रश्च कटुतिक्तोष्णः तीक्ष्णो वातकफपहःमुखजाऽयहरो रूच्यो दीपनो व्रणदोषनुत ।
जन्तुवातार्तिशूलघ्न चक्षुषो रोचनः परःरक्त शिग्रुः महावीर्यो मधुरश्च रसायनः।।

Indian Ayurved Vidhan : Raj Nighantu

Why To consume : It increases energy, improves weight loss, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, supports immune system. Reduces inflammation in joints and muscles. Promotes healthy looking skin. Improves concentration.

Who Can Consume : Anyone

Additional information

Weight.070 kg


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