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Ghee Desi Cow


Organic Ghee:500ml

Pure Deshi Cow Ghee Made Using ‘Bilona’ Churning Method


Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Sushrut Samhita details all the benefits of cow ghee. It is considered the best ‘rasayana’. Its effect on digestive system and body is sweet and tender and thus treats Pitta.

Relevant Mantra with Translation and Reference (Sanskrit + Hindi) :

विपाके मधुरं शीतं वातपित्त विषापहम् । चक्षुष्यमग्यम् बलयं च गव्यं सर्पिगुणोत्तरम् ॥

Ayurved Vidhan: Sushrut Samhita

Why To consume : The balsamic property of cow ghee is good for joints’ lubrication. It pushes the excess pitta (or heat) out of the body system and keeps eyes healthy. Ghee is very beneficial for vaata and pitta problems

Who Can Consume : Anyone

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