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Tulsi Boond


Net Volume : 15 Ml.

नमो नारायणप्रिये तुलसी 

तुलसी श्री सखी शिवे, पापहारिणी पुण्यदे

नमस्ते नारद्नुते नमो नारायणप्रिये तुलसी


Products Key Feature(s) : Anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties, Easy to consume in drop form, can be taken with lukewarm water or regular water. All ingredients are organically cultivated with Panchgavya manure.

Its regular intake prevents disease and increases agility. It is an effective medicine in stomach and digestive diseases. Apart from this, regular intake of This Tulsi Drops 51 is highly beneficial in the early symptoms of skin diseases, sugar, blood pressure, asthma, blood fat, liver disease, all types of fever, and even heart related diseases.


Products Key Ingredients : Ram Tulasi 170 mg, Shyam Tulasi 170 mg, Van Tulasi 170 mg, Gaduchi 190 mg


Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Tulsi is an ancient medicine or aushadhi to increase vital energy and hence strengthens the immunity system. It has high anti-viral characteristics. Giloy is known as Amruta in Ayurveda which means it has nector like properties to cure illness. It recreates the damaged sheaths.

Vedic Reference :

ककानिलविष श्वासकासदौर्गंध्यनाशन:| पित्तकृत् पार्श्वशूलघ्न: सुरस: समुदाहृत:|| (sushrut, sutra sthan 46)
तुलसी श्रि सखि शिवे पापहारिणी पुण्यदे । नमस्ते नारदनूते नमो नारायणप्रिये ।। (dharmashastra)

Ayurved Vidhan: Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Vagbhatt Ashtang Hridayam, Dravyagun Vigyan

Why To consume : It has very high anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It works on quickly developing immunity in the human body system. Giloy is pitta-shamak, and thus filters out the impurities in the body and muscular system.

Who Can Consume : Anyone

Additional information

Weight .051 kg
Dimensions 2.8 × 8.8 cm


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