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Ayurveda mentions eight types of honey. Among these, the one collected by small bees is considered the best. Honey is a fine strengthening tonic and rasayan. . The properties of the fruit pass through to the honey naturally made by bees consuming it.Leechi is strengthening and pitta nashak. Honey collected by small bees from lichi trees in spring season is the best reasayan. Sanskruti Arya Gurukula is working on honey for the last 50 years. We have also tested the positive energy field of honey using machines as well. This honey is considered the very best for taste and its edibility. It is very popular due to the amount of vital energy present in it.

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Products Key Ingredients : Natural Lichi Honey

Products Key Feature(s) : Organic honey cultivated and extracted using non-violent process . The bees are cultivated in Lichi gardens so the only juice and pollen they consume. It greatly enhances the taste that everyone likes, specially children.

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : This kind of pure Honey keeps the tridoshas ( kapha, vaata, pitta) in balance. Nighantu (Bapalal) lists lichi as a very nutritious fruit and very good for heart’s health. The properties of the fruit pass through to the honey naturally made by bees consuming it.

Relevant  Reference :
मधु तु मधुरं कषायानुरसं रुक्षं शीतमग्निदीपनं वण्यं बक्तयम्।
लघु सुकुमारं लेखनं ह्रदं संधानं शोधनं रोपणं वाजीकरणं । संग्राहि चक्षुप्रसादनं सूक्ष्ममार्गानुसारि त्रिदोषप्रशमनं च॥

Ayurved Vidhan : Dravyagun vigyanam

Why To consume : Honey keeps the tridoshas balanced so the overall health is protected. It nourishes the body with strength. Regular consumption of honey prolongs life. Lichi honey consists of nutrients, strength and superb taste.

Who Can Consume : Anyone. Diabetic patients to consume in limited quantity

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