Barley Grass Tablets

Barley Grass Tablets


Net Volume : 60 Tablets

गौ मुत्र एवम गोमय खाद से उत्पादित जौ मे से बनाइ गइ 

Barley or Jau is very useful for various diseases says Ayurveda. It is full of folic acid which is particularly needed during pregnancy. Barley has been praised in Ayurevda and its medicinal qualities and use has been described in detail. It helps remove a lot of toxins from the body


Products Key Ingredients : Natural barley grass

Products Key Feature(s) : Easy to consume, can be taken with water or juice. Organically cultivated with Panchgavya manure. It is made with shadow dried barley.

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Barley is lighter than wheat in digestion and regularizes digestive gases and acids. And thus barley is the best solution to stay away from constipation

Relevant Sastrokt Reference : यवाः पुरीषकराणां

Ayurved Vidhan : Bhavprakash Nighantu

Why To consume : Barley grass prevents constipation. It is very beneficial in cough related diseases. It naturally contains lactic acid, phosphoric acid and keratin.

Who Can Consume : Anyone


सेवन विधि : सुबह, दोपहर, शाम दो -दो -दो टेबलेट भोजन के बाद

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Weight0.032 kg
Dimensions4.8 × 4.2 × 9 cm


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