Bal Raksha Smruti Nasya

Bal Raksha Smruti Nasya


BalRaksha Smruti Nasya is made from anutailam, shatbindu tailam, ksheerbalaa tailam and mahapanchgavya ghrut and thus this nasya is best among other nasya. It cleanses the respiratory system and keeps it clean. This is an all-weather nasya.

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Net Volume : 15 Ml.

Products Ingredients :

Each 15 ml contains:

Shadbindu Tailam                   – 4 ml.
Anu Tailam                               – 4 ml.
Kshirbala Tailam                     – 4 ml.
Maha Panchgavya Ghrit         – 3 ml.

Relevant Mantra  :

”अंजन च तथा लेप: स्नानअभ्यंगक्रम च

वमनं प्रतिमर्शश्च जन्मप्रभृति शस्यते

Why to Consume : श्वसनमार्ग को स्वस्थ करने के लिए, बालको को स्वस्थ रखने के लिए

Who Can Consume : From infant of 10 days to child of 15 years of age

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सेवन विधि : सुबह-शाम को दो बूंद  नष्य करे, नाकमे डाले

Additional information

Weight0.048 kg
Dimensions3.4 × 3.4 × 9 cm


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