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Bal Raksha Jwar Har


Products Key Feature(S) : (with organic sugar)

बालकों के सभी प्रकार के ज्वर के लिए

Ayurvedic formula Effective On Fever, Cold, And Other Cough Disease S Also In Viral Infections for Children.

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Net Volume : 100 Ml.

Products Key Ingredients : Mahasudarshan, Tulsi, Yashthimadhu, Katuki

Detail Description Of Product : – According To Ayurveda Couse Of Fever Is Indigetion, Its Work On Agni Tatva, And Also Detoxify Body And Helps Tobe Niramaya Body.

Relevant Vedic Reference : ज्वरादो लंघनम प्रोक्तम मुक्त ज्वरे विरेचनम

AyurvedVidhan : Charak Samhita, Shushrut Samhita

Who Can Consume : Anyone above the age of 6 months

Why To Consume : Fever , Protect From Viral Infection Etc, Detoxification

Who Can Not Consume : Below 6 months

Dosage : 1 teaspoon thrice a day

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