Bal Raksha Cough Syrup

Bal Raksha Cough Syrup


Products Key Feature(s) : शुद्ध शहद से निर्मित

Bal Raksha cough syrup is a fine composition of 10 ayurvedic herbs and herbal extracts like honey and holy basil (tulsi) extracts which are particularly used to treat cough and cold in winter. It uses honey base and not harmful sugar syrup base.

Net Vol. : 100 ml

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Products Key Ingredients : Ardusi 25 mg, pipli 10 mg, jethimadh 10 mg, vacha 10 mg, draksha 10 mg, sunth 10 mg, haldi 10 mg, laving 5 mg, shu. Tankan 5 mg, nilgiri 0.1 mg, Phudina satv 0.3 mg, Honey base

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : While growing up, children are mostly affected by Kapha related problems as the Annamaya kosha is developing the most. For healthy growth of children, it is important for them to stay free of discomforts and drawback of these ailments.

Ayurved / Shastrokt Vidhan: Swanubhoot (patent medicine)

Why To consume : Relieves cough and cold. It provides immediate relief to breathing problems from old phlegm. It is beneficial for heavy cold, breathing etc.

Who Can Consume : Though meant for children above 1 year, even adults can take it for regular cough and cold.

Dosage : 6 months to 2 years 1 teaspoon twice a day

2 years to 15 years 2 teaspoon twice a day

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