Alfalfa Powder

Alfalfa Powder


Weight : 50 Grams

Products Key Ingredients : Alfalfa

Products Key Feature(s) : Organically grown alfalfa with no preservatives


Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Ayurveda text named ‘Adarsh Nighantu’ describes alfalfa as the father of all foods. Most amount of Vitamin-A is found in alfalfa. Various types of minerals and amino acids are also found in it.

Ayurved Vidhan : Aadarsh Nighantu

Why to Consume : Modern food and lifestyle develop a lot of nutritional deficiencies in the body, alfalfa works on substituting vitamin-A and other minerals and amino acids.

Who Can Consume : Anyone



सेवन विधि : सुबह, शाम खाली पेट एक चम्मच पानी के साथ

Additional information

Weight0.065 kg
Dimensions3 × 11 × 17 cm


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